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Holiday Get Together, Drinks, Potluck and Dirty Santa Gift Game!

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This is a time to get together with friends, have some soup, eggnog, good conversation and be merry. Children welcome. This event is for everyone in the greater Orlando freethought community.

This is a potluck. BYOB. Bring food to share!

Please note the comment below where you share what category of food you are bringing.

How to play Dirty Santa

Bring a gift valued around $10 -$15
The gifts are put in the center of the room or on a table where everyone can easily pick-up, shake, inspect and select a package.
Players sit in a circle around the gifts and each player is given a random number on a piece of folded paper
Player #1 picks a gift and opens it, shows it around, models it, reads it or demos it (depending on what it is of course).
The person with slip of paper #2 is next. That person can either select another unopened gift or take the gift #1 had opened.
If #2 takes #1's gift, #1 must select another unwrapped gift
Next it is #3's turn. #3 has two choices. #3 could select a new unopened gift, or take an already opened gift However, a gift cannot bounce back and forth between two players without someone else taking possession of the gift in between. So, #2 cannot select #3's unwrapped gift because it was just previously taken from #2.
So each player (after the first player) has two choices. When it is your turn, you take a new unopened gift from the table or you take someone else's opened gift.
A gift can only be stolen 3 times, when it is in someone's possession for the third time, then it retires and is no longer in the game, and whoever has it gets to keep it.
If you've never played this before it sounds complicated but it's a lot of fun and for some people it comes a strategy game to get the gift they want. :)