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The Door into Summer by Robert Heinlein

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The next event in the CRONC SF subgroup: The Door into Summer by Robert Heinlein was serialized in Late 1956 and was published in hardcover in 1957.

The novel is fast-paced hard science fiction, with Time Travel, a (creepy?) romantic element and of course a cat. Dan Davis was tricked by an unscrupulous business partner and a greedy fiancee into spending thirty years in suspended animation just when he was on the verge of a success beyond his wildest dreams. But when he awoke in the future, he discovered he had the means to travel back in time -- and get his revenge!

NOTE: Book discussion begins around 6:00 pm. The 5:30 start time allows those who are interested to visit off-topic for a bit. Feel free to join us at whichever time suits you.