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Axuall Digital Credentialing & Large Peer to Peer Blogging

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Adam G.


Join us for an evening of pizza, drinks, digital credentialing, and unstoppable social networking.

Lucky Tavag will speak about Hyperledger Indy, some of the pervasive ideas behind the framework. He will go over:
- The centralized nature of today's blockchains
- The safety of data that is stored on a blockchain.
- Regulatory concerns for data stored on a blockchain
- Edge Protocols
- Indy's Digital Credential Model

Patrick Toner will talk about, demo, and teach us all how to use Large, a new decentralized tool he created for building social networks. Large is a serverless and peer-to-peer blogging platform that lets you build a website that's hosted by the users, using Ethereum and IPFS. Bring a computer and build and publish a simple website in minutes. No coding required.

🚪Doors at 5:30
🍕 Food / drinks / networking until 6:30
🗣 Presentations from 6:30 until 8:00
👋 Be gone by 8:30