Build Your Own Blockchain, using the Substrate blockchain framework


Come learn how to build your own blockchain network, using building blocks from the Substrate blockchain framework.

Joshy Orndorff is a blockchain developer at Parity Technologies. He works on Substrate, a framework for writing blockchains in Rust. In this one hour segment, you'll learn to BYOB (build your own blockchain). Together the group will launch their own cryptocurrency with on-chain governance.

To get familiar with Joshy and Substrate, check out:

6:00 -- doors, pizza, beers, networking 🍕🍻
6:45 -- we build the blockchains 👷‍♀️⛓
7:45 -- closing remarks, etc 👏🗣
8:15 -- we're outta there 🏃‍♂️🚪

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