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What we’re about

Do you want to learn about Programmable Money using Ethereum and Smart Contracts? Welcome to the rabbit hole of the amazing brave new world of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Bitcoin.

We've already covered:


• Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum (May 11th)

• How to write Smart Contracts in Ethereum (May 25th)

• Introduction to Privacy and Security: ZCash and Monero (June 8th)

• Unstoppable Companies with Aragon: organizations on the blockchain (June 22nd)

• Bitcoin and current law: solicitors point of view (July 6th)

• Bitcoin Scaling Debate: Segwit2x vs Big Blocks (August 3rd)

• Investing in Crypto (August 17th)

• Smart Contract Use Cases (August 31st)

    • Next generation blockchain: IOTA and EOS (September 14th)

    • Regulations in Blockchain (September 28th)

    • NEO - Ethereum made in China (October 14th)

    E-Residency for digital nomads (November 2nd)

    Blockchain Tech in 2018 - Sceptics view (November 16th)

    • Virtue Poker Project and Launching an ICO (November 23rd)

    • ETHLend - decentralized peer to peer lending on Ethereum Blockchain (November 30th)

    • Freedom & Responsibility in Crypto and Beyond (December 7th)

    • Hackathon preparation and Q&A (video) (December 14th)

    • CryptoMarbella Blockchain Hackathon, powered by Santiment on December 16th (website)


    • Bitcoin and international taxes: News & the year to come on January 4th (pdf, video)

    • MetaMask - use distributed web applications built on Ethereum in your browser (January 11th) (pdf, video)

    • Three ICOs from marketing perspective: the worst, the average, and the best one (January 18th) (pdf)

    • Security is Critical: staying safe in Cryptocurrency (February 1st)


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