Hands on session: Introduction to Smart Contract Programming

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cryptoland.tech 🇹🇩 ➤ About Blockchain Technologies
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Ferdinand 22-26, 3rd floor Carrefour entrance (Tipografiei street) · Cluj-Napoca

How to find us

Cluj HUB is located in Central Commercial Center, 22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street, 3rd Floor. Once you arrive at 3rd floor, the guys from reception will guide to the meetup area.

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Hey! I hope you are doing well. I'm happy to let you know that https://cryptoland.tech/ is organizing their 2nd meetup. Check here our event page for more details: https://events.cryptoland.tech/

This one is going to be a hands on session, tech wise. Therefore, we are inviting all software developers to join us on June 25th, from 17:50, at https://clujhub.ro/, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for our FREE event about smart contract programming.

This time, our focus will be on an introduction to smart contract programming, as follow:

* We will kick off at 17:50 with a short intro about the role that cryptoland.tech can play in the development of the ecosystem and how we can all use this environment to collaborate, partnership, share our knowledge and challenge the status quo by using blockchain or distributed ledger technologies.

* In the first part, Sorin Tanasescu, Hegedus Levente and Alex Cosma from Centrys team (https://centrys.io/), will discuss about smart contracts. A buzzword nevertheless, 'smart contracts' are the core of what Ethereum (and Ethereum based coins) stand for. We will examine the structure and the innards of a smart contract, implementing one (or more) from scratch using Solidity as a base programming language.

* On the second part, Gossip Guy and Alex Males, Hashgraph Ambassadors (https://www.hederahashgraph.com/), will take a look at who’s using Hashgraph and its use as consensus algorithm for Fast Contracts.
> First, Gossip Guy (https://www.youtube.com/c/GossipGuy) will join a conf call all the way from New York City and he will provide an overview of the hashgraph ecosystem. This includes a summary of the projects recently announced using hashgraph in either the private/permission or public (i.e. Hedera Hashgraph) environments. The presentation will also cover other resources available should developers consider launching the DApp using hashgraph.
> Second, Alex Males will discuss about DLT technologies and the fact that all face the scalability issues that slow down the smart contracts and make execution expensive. While the memory of CryptoKitties congesting Ethereum's network is still fresh, he will take a look at one of the high performance consensus algorithms that could be fast enough to run a "world computer". Hashgraph offers ultra high throughput with low latency while also improving security aspects like fairness. We'll see what is the secret sauce of Hashgraph and we'll run a live coding session for an interesting smart (and fast) contract.



Knowledge=Basic programming knowledge
Hardware support=Laptop
Software support=None.


* 17:50 Quick intro about cryptoland.tech, Adrian Irimia, cryptoland.tech Founder
* 18:00 Smart Contracts - What's so smart about them?, Sorin Tanasescu, Hegedus Levente and Alex Cosma from Centrys team
* 19:30 Who’s Using Hashgraph, Gossip Guy, Hashgraph Ambassador&Youtubber (https://www.youtube.com/c/GossipGuy)
* 20:00 Hashgraph - Consensus algorithm for Fast Contracts, Alex Males, Hashgraph Ambassador&https://cryptoland.tech/ member.
* 21:00 Decentralized Networking

Bear in mind please that we have only 30 seats available, therefore we strongly recommend to arrive before 17:50 on 25th of June.

Keen to meet you again! :)