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Markgrafenstr. 11 · Berlin

How to find us

Head past the red and white bar into the backyard - keep right - enter next door on the right - head up to 2nd floor, you're there!

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www.DFINITY.org presents at the Cryptotank, April 3rd:

About this event:
DFINITY takes the lessons learned from nine years of blockchain technology development and combines that with a product strategy informed by tech macro-trends. The result is a decentralised computing platform designed to align the interests of commodity hardware manufacturers, enterprise users, and the general public.

RSVP: https://dfinitycryptotank.splashthat.com/ ==> please RSVP here for planning purposes, thanks.

Arthur Falls, Director of Communications @DFINITY (previously ConsenSys)

What is dfinity?
DFINITY is a protocol to enable the open internet to compete with platforms like Google and Amazon for authorship of the future history of the web.

The material presented on the evening revolves around DFINITY's positioning and consensus mechanism.
An extended Q&A covers other aspects of the protocol which are yet to be finalised such as protocol governance, sharding, and DFINITY Stiftung organisational strategy.

About Arthur:
Arthur joined DFINITY after implementing ConsenSys’ initial content marketing strategy. He has a background in journalism, content marketing, and media production and has produced several popular blockchain-centric podcasts, most notably Beyond Bitcoin, The Ether Review, and The Third Web.