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6 PM $1.50 Crab @ The Mallet 7 pm Line Dance lesson Night $5.00

The Mallet

2403 Bel Air Road · Fallston, MD

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Guys you got to help me out here. I set this up for between 30-40 people and now because of a little rain everyone is bailing out on me I am now down to 25. Tom the owner is doing me a favor in doing this just for me and my group of people. If the people do not show up for this I might not be able to do it any more. n

35 came last month from all six meetup groups. I will have people gather near the bar in the downstairs Tiki Lounge dance floor area. Look for MEETUPS sign on table. We will have a social get together before seating for crabs, I will give out name tags and have people meet others as they come in.

Min. order of crabs is 6 and $1.50 crabs will be going till they run out. They get a limited supply for this event only.

The Mallet used to be known by a lot of different names and had troubles in the past. With top remodeling $$$$'s and 3 guys and their families who live in the area running it and wanting it to succeed. . . It is back and I hope for a long while... Now it is up to those in and around the area to help make it come back. See the site below and all the bands and times that they are playing almost every night of the week and outside too. Maybe you could help by holding an event in one of the rooms or outside there too.

6pm we will meet in the downstairs Tiki lounge bar dance floor area for crabs.
7pm there will be Line Dance lessons for $5 but only if you participate.

at least 6 meetup groups are invited to this event too. n

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