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Our quest comes from your quest

Have you ever gone to a gym that is not a body-workout gym but a SPEAKING gym. Yes, a gym for speaking, for 'getting fit' in personal and leadership development especially SPEAKING skill! This is the purpose of our CSpeaking gym - providing a supportive environment and insightful training to empower your personal and leadership development to make a positive change in life.

Why us - CSpeaking gym?

Have you ever asked 'Why some people can speak naturally passionately and then making a great impact while others don't feel even comfortable for speaking?' (yes we see that in people from all walk of life - children, adults, men, women, engineers, teachers)

Or have you ever wondered 'Why sometimes you feel so confident in speaking but sometimes you don't?'

If you are here, we know somehow you have potential to master the speaking skill but you may lack confidence/clarity/encouragement or maybe insightful guidance to do so. Or maybe you feel alone on the journey and you need a supportive environment to accompany with you on the journey. Or if you are already a confident speaker, you want to help others do the same so you want to learn the insightful training from experienced speakers to do so.

If you feel that you have any of the above needs, CSpeaking gym is for you!

Why Cspeaking?

Most of us may think about speaking as a terrifying thing while it is actually a great opportunity for us to express ourselves, understand about others resulting in a better self-confidence, self-worth and career development.
Public speaking or presentation skill is known as one of the most essential skills for personal and leadership development. And yes with Cspeaking gym, we support you to enhance your speaking skill alongside with other important 7Cs skills needed in 4.0: Confidence, Critical thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment, Compassion.

Why Gym?
We believe passion of doing anything needs to go with commitment. In our gym, we provide tools, techniques, training, curriculum to equip you everything you need to empower your potential.

A typical meeting

- Warm-up training in different speaking stations
- Group presentation
- Networking time
- Prepared speeches by key members
- Situational speaking
- Insightful training and evaluation

You will learn:
- Raise your energy to speak up
- Raise your confidence to speak up
- Collaboration
- Experiences of experienced speakers
- Mindset and tools for effective speaking and leading
- Networking
- Many more (e.g., be the leaders competition)

You will become:
- A confident competent compassionate speaker
- A better person
- A better leader of your life then people around you

What makes CSpeaking gym be your choice in speaking area?
We provide a supportive positive environment and insightful training based on personal and leadership development best practices and real experience of the world successful speakers/leaders. Our founder - Jen Vuhuong - has also studied these topics over the last decade and experienced the development journey by herself that has helped her obtain different achievements: awarding 3 top world scholarships, awarding the best performer in International organisations like Samsung and Dell partner; obtaining the best performance prize in 2 Masters degrees, and publishing 5 books in personal and leadership development area. Jen also is the winner of International Public speaking contest in Vietnam and Malaysia and is an international speaker/trainer who has spoken in different workshops and conferences in Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Spain, The UK.

And we also have young talented team members who have achieved some significant achievements: winner of humurous contest (Hoa), leader of summer camp (Rosie), etc.

You will be developed not only to be a better speaker, but leader of your life, and we truly believe most importantly a better person. We will together develop empowering thoughts/habits/behaviours/skils to ultimately empower your identity of a better speaker/leader/person.
Cannot wait to see you join us to reach your speaking and leadership potential!


Step 1: Fill up the form below with your name, email and support you need to speak better
Step 2: Once you fill up the form, you will receive an email of confirmation within 24 hours
Step 3: You are expected to attend our weekly meeting - Tuesday 6.30pm, 3rd floor Apax 4.0, 20 Nui Truc, Lancaster building
Step 4: During the time waiting for the event, join our community through weekly events here http://jenvuhuong.com/events (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fjenvuhuong.com%2Fevents&h=AT1yPLBsg00UYVaaDVbG7dDDh4bg50tu-s1uff10ar7DYu92mEqYqNK4uOYdkVDYx51HSbbMeBKYHqJLR49jmne0mD4M1J0HJI1xPubeT0C6q4P2emxwg05-ecvVZIwW2sVosNWA70AWITFp8OZQbnzFQkXm7u7w4AFcbvw)

Step 5: Bring your big grin to join us on the meeting day, every Tuesday at 20 Nui Truc, Apax 4.0

Ask us any questions or support 01639 181 157; email askjenteam@gmail.com

Our full story:
https://jenvuhuong.com/cspeakinggym (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fjenvuhuong.com%2Fcspeakinggym&h=AT2T1a7IqqRbfUS1iQ9ZRSSH5C5n78Rywh9DoYyaF9lYsneGWwsUclmv88MkUeRrkMrkR6e5ilrCk733NR5cMcKHPim4Tx43W9oN6Kj7tFlaQ0-ochG8bOvpZnfQMiaGqpqlOLEZrIA5PI03pMaH5qkCiKjN2crHh6xf5XU)

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Public Speaking - Mindset

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Public Speaking - Mindset

3rd floor Lancaster building

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