CSR and Sustainability now in conjunction with Globethics


We are pleased to announce that as of 22 October 2019, the CSR/Sustainable Meetup organisers led by Prof Michael Hopkins of MHCi has set up a new structure with our strategic partner in Geneva, the Globethics.net Academy based in Geneva. Globethics.net main contact is Dr Anh Tho Andres-Kammler, Programme Executive on Ethics Education.

For your information, the new meetup is scheduled for Nov 22, 2019 at UBIS University Geneva at the usual time (18h30-20h00).

The topics of discussion of our meetup series will focus on training and job opportunities on CSR/Sustainable Development and will be organised in a joint collaboration in partnership between MHCi and Globethics.net and our active supporters of the Group.

Note also that we encourage members of the Meetup group (or other new members) to join our blended training which combines an online training course on CSR/Sustainable Development on the Globethics.net online platform and regular face-to-face meetup at the premises of our academic partners. The first one in line is the UBIS University of Business and International Studies, located in Geneva, at 3 bus stops from Geneva central station.

A short course description is available under: https://www.globethics.net/academy/corporate-social-responsibility-sustainable

Participants can register directly here: https://www.globethics.net/registration/corporate-social-responsibility-sustainable

Upon completion, participants will get a Certificate in CSR/Sustainable Development issued by Globethics.net Academy.

The Course description under our leadership will be adapted as follows:

Programme Ethics for Professions
Course Code EP 4109 – Course name: Ethics and Sustainable Development
Start Date: tbd
Study Method Blended learning (online and meetup at Partner University premises)
Workload: 40 hours (12 online modules)
Duration: 10 weeks

Instructor(s): Guest Professor Dr Michael Hopkins, President of MHCi International, Course Coordinator: Dr Anh Tho Andres-Kammler

Basis Track (with no certificate): 50 USD/CHF, only applicable to CSR/Sustainability Meetup members.

Certification Track: 400 USD/CHF (applicable to all participants).