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Service Workers and Push Notifications

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22seven Theatre

60 Hout Street Corner of Long and Hout streets · Cape Town

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Here's a Street View of 22seven: . Two big black doors!

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About the talks

Service Workers (Hiren Patel)

A proper offline experience and the lack of flexible cache control has always meant that the web (especially the mobile web) could never offer the experience a native app does. Service worker changes this for the web. A rich, developer controlled, offline experience is now possible. Service worker was born to tackle offline and bad network conditions for mobile web users. In this talk we will explore what the SW is, what it offers, and how it can be implemented today.

Push Notifications (Johann du Toit)

As developers and/or product owners we have a channels to engage ours users which all have their pros/cons but are all predominantly pull-based. If you wanted to change this model of interaction a mobile app was the only way out, that or some awkward external service. Since Chrome v46 this has changed and with Service Workers we can now send notifications to devices running the browser, meaning no more native apps!

Being a standard (currently in draft) we are going to be seeing more and more of this feature in the coming months as other browsers start to support it as well, making this a great a option to engage users and keep them coming back without having to install an app.

In this talk we'll have a quick look at the current channels we use to engage, introduce push notifications from the web, show a demo and finally demonstrate how to add it to your own site (app!).

About the speakers

Hiren Patel is a software developer writing web apps and web clients powered by the Google Cloud Platform ( Formerly a systems administrator in the linux/unix area for ten years, he transitioned to a developer role, until moving onto using Google App Engine ( as his platform of choice.

Hiren enjoys working with both web and android. He spends the majority of his time using Python on Google App Engine, but also closely follows innovations in the rapidly changing cloud space, including Google Compute Engine and Google Container Engine.

Hiren has run the Google Developer Group of Cape Town for several years, inspiring the local community to use technology, and trying to help local non-profit organisations along the way.

Johann du Toit is a co-Founder and current CTO at Passmarked (, a proudly South-African company that is trying to give every website on the web a score and empower users to help define web standards. He has experience from writing small embedded systems to leading Devops departments that serve millions of requests every day.

You can find him on Twitter as johann_du_toit (, on GitHub as Johanndutoit (, or on his website: .


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