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Help! The UX Designer isn't coming in today!

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About the workshop

Ruh roh, the team's UX Designer isn't coming in today! They've already done some usability testing on a prototype for an e-commerce site and they've identified a number of usability problems.

In this one-and-a-half-hour UX workshop for Front-end Developers we'll look at some high-level principles that we can apply to fix these problems, discuss some potential solutions, sketch them out, and a few more things besides.

Attendees will leave with an improved knowledge of UX principles that they can apply to projects that they are working on.

About the facilitator

Jen Poole is a UX Designer in Deloitte Digital (’s Experience Design team (formerly Flow Interactive (, where her main focus is on UX research and product discovery. She’s passionate about facilitating a user-centred design mindset in team mates and stakeholders, and believes that when designers and devs work closer together, both make more considered choices, with a better product as a result.

You can find her on Twitter as FireEnjn (

About the co-facilitator

Steve Barnett works as a code mentor at Project codeX (, and as a freelance Front-end developer and User Experience person. He’s a bit addicted to meetups: you can find him helping out with RailsBridge Cape Town (, Cape Town Front-End Developers ( (this!), and Mozilla Webmaker ( events. If he’s not there, he’s probably crouched in an awkward position in front of something funny-looking, taking pictures of it (

You can find him on Twitter as @maxbarners (, on GitHub as SteveBarnett (, and on his own site Naga ( (which really, really, needs a redesign) as, erm, himself.

About the (different) RSVPs

There are only 20 spaces available for this workshop, so we're doing RSVPs a little differently.

Short version: you'll need to confirm your attendance one week before the workshop.

Longer version: when you RSVP here you'll be added to the Waiting List. One week before the workshop we'll contact you via meetup, asking for confirmation of your attendance. When you reply to this message, we'll update your RSVP to Yes. If you don't reply to this message, you won't be able to attend the workshop. Eep!


Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct ( Thanks! :)