Progressive Web Apps and why you should take note for your next app



The web has one major benefit over native mobile apps, reach. It's the famous goal of Java ("Write once run everywhere"), come to fruition that works securely over various form factors.

The web has become the platform with the widest reach and the least amount of friction for users to start. Progressive Web Apps are the logical next step this ever evolving web that allows us as developers to build apps that act/feel and compare to native apps.

• This talk will focus on:

• How the web started, the history

• The state of the web today

• What PWA's are and why they are the next logical step

• Examples of well built real world apps and stats

• The various benefits and how big companies are pushing this forward

• Simple steps to start exploring building your own

Arrive from 6.30. The talk will start at 7.


Roxanne Davids

Junior Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Ruby on Rails, Web Design. Graduated from Project Codex. Volunteer at RailsBridge ( which helps people from diverse groups gain exposure to coding in the framework Ruby on Rails. Building coding projects on the weekend as well with Python, Ruby, Nodejs and SQL.

• Website: (*)

• Github:


Johann du Toit

Globally recognised DevOps engineer who has worked on everything from embedded microchip readers to leading high traffic news sites.

He became the first Google Developer Expert for Cloud in Africa in 2014 and now travels the world with Google to learn from and share his insights with others in the community.

He currently works as the tech lead for Passmarked ( (, which aims to improve the web using open source rules, the latest web standards and the collaboration of the global developer community. On top of this, Johann acts as the Intrapeneur for IO (, a tech innovation business which focusses on building startups that solve interesting problems in the world. In the past he has built national microchip databases for SSA, encryption software and security tools focussing on SSL/HTTPS.

• Email: [masked]

• Website:

• Twitter: @signedness ( - bonus points if you what that is in computer science ;)*

• Github:


Assumed knowledge: The talks assumes a basic understanding of the web development process. But there are no issues with any skill level, the talk is meant to give everyone something from business focused folks to developers.

What you need to bring: Yourself and a sense of humour ;)


Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct ( Thanks! :)


Thank you to IO ( for providing the venue. Yay!