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Book Discussion "Black Narcissus" by Rummer Godden

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Book Discussion "Black Narcissus" by Rummer Godden


Our book for April is the Black Narcissus by the novelist Rummer Godden.

From Amazon:
[F]ive European Sisters of the Servants of Mary leave their monastery in Darjeeling, India, and make their way to remote Mopu in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. There, in the opulent, abandoned palace where an Indian general housed his harem, the holy sisters hope to establish a school and a health clinic. Their aim is to help combat superstition, ignorance, and disease among the mistrusting natives in the village below…

But all too soon, the isolation, the ghosts and lurid history, and the literally breathtaking beauty of this high, lonely place in the Asian mountains begin to take a serious toll on [the] nuns. And their burdens may prove too heavy to bear, exposing a vulnerable humanity that threatens to undermine the best intentions of the purest hearts.

"For all its convent setting, the novel thrums with sex, portrayed with a subtlety that seems only to intensify its power. The story is simple, but the narrative takes an unshakeable hold, building to a climax involving sexual obsession, insanity, and tragic death, which, despite the gothic elements, is handled with masterful restraint." – The Guardian

Supplementary Film: Black Narcissus (1947) by Powell & Pressburger

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