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New York, NY

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Feb 11, 2014


Full stack engineer with a CS degree and experience in enterprise sales and deployments recently taking on tech-founder roles in startups

Tell us about yourself (professionally). What technical leadership experience do you have already?

Lead enterprise software deployments. Now getting a couple startups off the ground.

What languages/frameworks do you personally program in (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, etc.)? What is your favorite, if different?

python, django, postgres, mysql, javascript, jquery, responsive css

What topics might you be interested in?

very early stage startups -- building up product from scratch, stack component decision making, architecture and hosting provider decisions.

Do you have any specific areas of expertise? Would you be willing to share it with the group?

maybe some django? but I am by no means an expert. coding concept tutorials -- have a BS in CS

How did you hear about our meetup?

git on github remote in a dropbox folder. git/github simple, open, robust, sharable. dropbox makes having multiple personal environments seamless. also their web interface makes getting older versions of files a breeze if you screw up a merge or an unexpected permission mixup causes git to delete a file.