What we're about

CTREIA is the largest real estate investors & apartment owners association in the Northeast.

Our mission is to provide education, networking and business-to-business opportunities for real estate investment entrepreneurs.

CTREIA has been featured on CNN Financial News, The New York Times, Hartford Courant, Meriden Record Journal , Channel 30-WVIT and Channel 8 News-WTNH.

We're firmly committed to promoting a sound understanding of ethical real estate investing principles and to help further develop our members (your!) investing abilities.

For real estate investors – new and experienced – in New England

* Local experts and experienced investors
* National speakers/trainers who are actively investing
* Be exposed to diverse real estate strategies
* Be confident in your ability to seize opportunities, and profit from them, even in a downturn
* Network with, and get essential resources, from vendors
* Market your properties to over 4000 buyers/investors PLUS be the first to purchase properties offered by our members
* Main Meeting – 3rd Monday of the month
* Rehab Subgroup, Apartment Owners Association, Women’s Real Estate Investors Association meet once a quarter
* Other seminars, webinars, and teleseminars throughout the month keep you informed in this exciting real estate market!

For more information, please visit: http://www.ctreia.com

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