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CT REIA Monthly Meeting - Rehabbing on the Cheap = Beautiful Profits

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Tim R. Johnson "The King Of Cheap" is one of the foremost gurus on to explode your investment business on the Internet. A Specialist in Real Estate and the Real Economics of Business, Tim has published many best selling resources on real estate investing, marketing and business. Recognized globally as the King Of Cheap, he has trained thousands of people all over the world to specialize in buying, selling, rehabbing & renting real estate online and off.

Rehabbing on the Cheap does NOT mean using poor quality products. It means paying so much less for materials that you can buy BETTER quality products and increase your profits. It means giving you an INCREDIBLE EDGE over your competitors.

During this meeting, you will discover:

* How to determine whether you’re cut out to be cheap.
* Ways to evaluate what really is cheap.
* What things really cost when you’re buying cheap?
* The hidden savings and benefits of being cheap.
* How to easily make the transition to a saving mindset.
* How to find reputable companies cheaper than you ever imagined.
* How to guarantee you get the absolute best bargain.
* What to expect from all the money you save.
* Where the best places are to get things cheaper are.
* The Upside/Downside to being cheap.
* What savvy millionaires are doing to grow wealth by saving.
* How getting things cheaper affects the world.
* And more.

There are over 500 ways to save money being cheap... which ones make you wealthy?