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CULINAGRAVURE - Food Photography Meetup

Welcome to our small community!

This culinarista community is meant for all food (and) photography lovers, firstly based in Jakarta. We encourage you to bring your own camera (and your own properties as well), ask questions (lots of them!), interact and learn from others if you want during our meet-ups. Or, you can just have a pleasant talk about all stuffs related to food (and) photography with friends (or get to know some new friends too) over some tasty food and delicious coffee. Because most importantly, we just want all of us to have delicious fun :D

Photography community are expected to order a drink or a food by yourself in the restaurant.
We already booked VIP room only for us, so make sure you order something there:)

We are small community who love food photography in Jakarta. We like to learn food photography together, share about food photography stuff, meet food photography expert, practice our food photography skills, and hangout with others. Basically we like to talk and meet new friends over coffee and food as well. So, don't hesitate to join us and feel the atmosphere by yourself:)

This meetup is strongly suggested for:
1. Beginner/amateur food photo enthusiasts/lovers who wants to know more about food photography, event, workshop, or even meet pro photographers etc
2. Pro food photographers who wants to socialize and meet with foodphotography community, also share their knowledge
3. Every food photographer who want to practice and share their skill through this meetup, sometimes we will provide model or product to practice as well
4. Everyone of you who loves food photography stuff and want to make new friends:)

General Rules at our meetup:
1. We strongly suggest you to do RSVP on our meetup.com group before the D-day(min D-1) at: meetup.com/culinagravurefoodphotographymeetup/
2. Since we booked Private Room at every venue of our meetup for our convience, EVERY participants MUST follow the regulation of each meetup, for example: buy 1 drink at least, or need to buy 1 side dish in the restaurant etc
3. Be comfortable with yourself and IF YOU WANT, you can bring your own camera or materials to learn together with other participants FOR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY MEETUP
4. Bring your friends and have fun with US:)

Check the location section of each meetup, we will put google maps link as well:)

Contact us for MORE DIRECTION and if you have any QUESTIONS:

Contact person:
1. Michael Hermes
081807006200: whatsapp

2. Leontius Jesse Putra
08112208178: whatsapp

Social Media
Michael Hermes: @michaelhermes.id | Instagram
Leontius Jesse Putra: @bboyjezz | Instagram

Supported by:
1. tweak.id
2. Michael Hermes
3. Cheers - Photography Event APP

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