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What we’re about

Are you ready to meet true foodies in San Diego with a genuine passion and interest in all things FOOD? Do you search out specialty ingredients, follow the comings and goings of local restaurants and specialty shops? Do you constantly try new foods and travel the world by what’s on your plate? If you like to tempt your palate with rare and delicious culinary items, then, the Culinary Adventure Club may be just what you've been waiting for!

The Culinary Adventure Club: San Diego (CACSD), will aim to gather foodies for: 1) Dinner Parties / Cooking / Wine Tasting events, 2) exploration of local specialties with Culinary Field Trips, where we’ll taste test new foods together or try to find the “best of” in our area, 3) Social Events, such as wine and cheese, dining out, etc., 4) we may attend Cooking Classes together or Street Fairs / Festivals / community Taste Of's, and 5) we may meet at Farmer's Markets or ethnic markets to in search of particular ingredients. These activities will add to your "foodie knowledge" and will be great fun shared with your new like-minded foodie friends! How would you like to try a new cheese shop, an olive oil store, charcuterie, or explore a food item (might be as simple as tamales or cupcakes, etc.) to find the best our region has to offer? I have lots of ideas for places to explore… maybe you want to share your ideas or favorites too?

Our group will feature small dinner parties with various themes. We'll cook from our favorite cookbooks, gourmet magazines in order to create a cohesive meal that inspires us. I have at least 100 cookbooks and many gourmet magazines in my collection and would like to get re-inspired and put them to greater use - with all of you! Our small group events will allow each member to have an active role in making each event a success! We'll stay small on purpose with average attendance at events from 4 to 10 people. We will plan our menus together and the focus at each event will be on a certain type of food or cuisine. Everyone will be involved in the hands-on cooking and be rewarded with a shared dinner party around a convivial table, gaining new friends with similar interests in the process! We'll aim to keep things simple with manageable menus in order to best enjoy our efforts! Like America's Test Kitchen, we may even just focus on one ingredient or type of dish and try to perfect it. And, we'll do our own taste testing in San Diego!

You don't have to be an expert, but, this group is not for brand new cooks and this is not a potluck kind of group. As long as you have adventurous taste buds (few restrictions) and are willing to learn with a desire to delve deeper into understanding certain flavors, cuisines or techniques, this group is for you!

So, if there is no where you’d rather be than spending an afternoon simmering sauce or baking bread, etc. all while developing lasting friendships, then, please join us for the next meet up, the Culinary Adventure Club is for you!