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What we’re about

We're an open-table Dungeons and Dragons group in Culpeper, VA. All players are invited and we hold periodic games where no background plot is necessary so that anyone can just drop in. We want to make it easier to play D&D more often and with less pressure. Any member is welcome to suggest a game and if a DM is available, game on!
Characters adventure in a shared world (Greyhawk, Duchy of Urnst). Adventures are primarily location-based, not plot-based, so that there's no pressure for a character to make every session. Most adventuring assignments are issued by a sort-of ‘adventuring academy’ named Keep Resolute just northwest of the town of Kalifane. Membership is not required, but it is the easiest way to be connected to adventuring opportunities. The mysterious ‘Founders’ of Keep Resolute have the honor of having trained some of the most promising adventurers of this generation including: Sir Odo, Krowde Sleifd, and Delim Thord. Active members still on the roster include: Midaj, Groz, Droopy, Mor, Resina, Gyana, Nezitic, Meander, Calder, Milo, Chizu, Symbione, Brogan, Roman, and Calum.

Read this for more about our Open Table philosophy

The Duchy of Urnst is a safe, prosperous, pleasant land in the central region of Greyhawk. It has temperate weather, bountiful soil, rich mines, a strong army, and few enemies. To an ordinary person, life in the Duchy is quiet and boring - just right. But there are some who will never be content with the quiet life. For seekers of arcane knowledge, hunters of eldritch treasure, agents of influential men lusting for ancient power, hard-driving wealth-winners, or simply those who cannot stomach the idea of peacefully working a farm or store their whole lives, Urnst holds greater things.

Just to the south, the evil wizard Rary and his fighter lieutenant Robilar have claimed dominion over the Bright Desert, the first step in their plot to expand the Empire of the Bright Lands. The ancient and unopenable Castle Maure holds wealth beyond telling - for those who can get in. The Delagos caverns - whose upper levels are mined clean, but whose lower levels see few return - are surely full of fell creatures and the secrets they hoard. The wild, barbaric Cairn Hills are rich with mysterious, ancient constructions like the Walking Stone of Eyes, the Choking City, and the Milky Caves - but beware of hillmen, ogres, and worse. The harsh, spiked Abbor-Alz mountains are just the sort of place where the hardest, meanest creatures love to hide their lairs - full of treasure, but also full of creatures!

So put down your hoes and sickles, close up your shops, abandon your staid professors! Join Keep Resolute and find your fortunes by the strength of your sword-arm, the sharpness of your mind, the thickness of your spellbook, and the sheer power of your will! Accepting all applicants.

Disclaimer: By reading this advertisement, the reader waives all rights to bring suit against The Founders or any agent of Keep Resolute in case of loss of equipment, limb, or life incurred as a result of reading this advertisement or any activity emanating thereof. Any damages incurred on Keep Resolute business are the exclusive liability of the injured party. The Founders strongly advise against breaking the law, digging up graves, entering unexplored caverns, making deals with mysterious strangers, challenging anyone to riddle contests, picking fights with things bigger than you, or any other activity considered “insane” by an ordinary person. The Founders of Keep Resolute make no guarantee of wealth or success for its members, and also note that most materially successful adventurers frequently engage in - at their own risk -  the above “insane activities.”