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Magic Monday Meetup! (New In Town Meet & Greet)
= "MAGIC MONDAY MEETUP" = Do we want the new in town to drown in a meetup with over 100 new faces, where just 20 will do? No :) Do we want the New in Town to walk into a not very interesting group of meetup "friends"? No :) Do we want the in new in town town to talk Dutch already after one day? No :) So, what do we want? What we in fact want, is to welcome the new in town. And that's all we want. = COSTS = Pay as you go. This meetup is for group members who have signed up for this event only. = RSVP = This meetup is not for people who have not singed up. Everyone can bring one guest. This is in case you want to bring your best friend or partner. If you want to bring both, or if just for once you want to bring visiting friends or so, please sent the event-host a PM about this. = MAGIC MONDAY? :) = There is a right time and place for everything, but how can we be at the right time at the right place when it happens? For this, picking the right day of the week helps out a lot. For "New in Town Meetups" monday is the right day of the week, because on monday, the next weekend is still far away, so we won't even think about it. And the last weekend is still close, which means we are still fresh. Right day of the week? Checked! What also helps regarding being at the right time at the right place, is indeed picking the right place to meet. That's why Culti Meetup has picked this very venue! It's a place with class, but it's not over the top. It's a place where one can talk, which also helps out. Right location? Checked! The last thing which is needed to create magic, is... A bit of luck. Miracles do not happen every day. And can't be ordered. But.... They do happen! To higher the chance that a true miracle will happen indeed , this meetup is for group-members who signed up for the meetup only. All together, this indeed is the magical mix! How so? That's the secret of the magician ;) = WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID? = Please try and be on time, please bring a smile, if at the last moment something else comes up no worries, but please try and be a bit punctual with the RSVP, things like that only :) See you on the meetup :)

Cafe Restaurant Dauphine

Prins Bernhardplein 175 1097BL · Amsterdam

Respond by: 7/2/2018

What we're about

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- Culti Meetup Amsterdam -

In this Meetup, everything is nice, easy and social! We are meeting for going to the most cozy bars and restaurants in Amsterdam, for going on daytrips to great sides around the corner for fun, for new discoveries, but most of all: for meeting new people.

This group is the most pretty way to meeting some new friends.

* * * *

- "Just Social" -

Just social means we want just fun and take our time. Many people who go to meetups, might be looking for new love, but are not looking really hard. Also a lot of couples who came to The Netherlands are not looking at all, but have no local friends at all - yet! (Untill they start coming to our meetups). The meetups in this group are all about making life easy on those who are not looking really hard or aren't looking at all.

Our just social meetups are sit, chat and drink. We're not going to save the world during our just social meetups, but we will get to know new people. The kind of crowd which really is in a hurry, doesn't like sit and drink, they like meet & mingle. That's why we never meet and mingle, our if you want unique selling point is that we do not meet and mingle.

We are what we do not do.

* * * *

- Daytrips -

The city is great, to some people the country side is even greater, but the strip in between is where Waterland is to be found. This region is just north of Waterland, which in a historical sense also includes Oostzaan and Zaandam. It has lovely sides to see, like Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken. This group takes you there several times a year, for checking these great places, for getting some fresh air

And, of course, for meeting new people.

* * * *

- "This looks prommising and I think I like this" -

Well, if so don't hesistate - and just sign up for your new meetup group :)

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