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New In Town "Incontro" August @ Cafe Batavia ( Everyone Welcome! )

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- New in Town Incontro/Meeting August ( Everyone Welcome ) -

Are you up for an easy going evening at the right place to do do? Than this is for you! The "New In Town Drink" is about having a drink and a chat together - it's about a meet and greet with the New in Town - and it's about nothing else :)

- Prices, The Fee and Costs -

The prices in this bar are on a level that's normal for Amsterdam. There is no fee or drink for the the hist asked for for this event. Please pay for your own drinks, that's it....

- Now.... What? -

Do you like a drink and a nice chat on a saturday ? Than just sign up and see you at the meetup!

Or keep on reading if you want to know it all ;)

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- Cafe Batavia -

The New in Town Drinks will take place at one of our locals, Batavia 1920 ( :). The website is Dutch... But make no mistake, this is one of the international bars in Amsterdam! In fact this bar is one of the few places where expats, locals and long term residents feel welcomed - and at home :)

That's why The Friends of Culti Group like this place so much

- Find YOUR People :) -

Culti Group is for you! Why? Well.... Because you started getting curious after seeing all the faces of people who already signed up? And because you would be happy to find out what what has been said here in fact is... true?

So don't think twice, cancel all plans already made, and sign up :)

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- Easy Ride Home! -

The Monthly New in Town Drinks always take place in laid back venues close to the central station of Amsterdam.

Check the "More Detailed Information Section" to read more about 1000 and 1 Ways to get home at any time or day you want from this part of Amsterdam

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- How to Find? -

After leaving the central station on the city eside entrace, please look to the left.. You will see the church on the picture. If you walk left from this one, than you will find Cafe Batavia on housenumber 85 :).

- Please be a bit Punctual -

A "Yes" reservation for this event means you want to come to the event, If you can't make it after all, than please and if possible take a moment and change your reservation from "Yes" to "No".

If you might come, or have no plans on getting there at or close to when the meetup starts, than please only sign up at the last moment.

It really helps making this group "'The Social One" :)

- Easy Ride Home! -

This Monthly Event always take place in laid back venues close to the central station of Amsterdam.

This means public transport to the entire west of NL until after Midnight, it means nightbusses to all parts of Amsterdam and Amstelveen all night long, it means trains to all main cities in the west all night long.....

And it also means there always are cabs waiting for you on very short walking distance!

So no mather what happens, you'll have an easy ride home :)

- Famous Last Words -

Enough said - just be there, OK :)