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- Expat Meetup Culti Style Düsseldorf -

This meetup group exists for the sole purpose of casual get-togethers in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. The main focus of this group is to welcome everyone who is new in Düsseldorf - and in NRW in general. Our Meetups are all about meeting people in a laid back and social atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you just want to have a drink with some people, if you want to make new friends or if you like discovering new places to go - this group is for everyone.

- Organized by Culti Group -

This Meetup Group is organized by Culti Group. Culti Group was founded in Amsterdam in late 2008. This group is a decentral organization, which gets organized on mail and social media. Other then "Culti Meetups", "Culti Group" also organizes some Expat Meetups. To us, "Culti" and "'Expat" are just names. We're reaching out to all people with a curious and international mindset. The aim is the same everywhere: getting and keeping people included in the curious part of the international community in their town.

In order to meet each other, we will meet for drinks in cozy venues on one day - and we will meet for dinner and parties on other days. Next to Social Meetups and New in Town Meetups, we also do fun daytrips and we bring you the best Comedy in English! At times, we also offer weekendstrips to fascinating cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Maastricht.

Maybe don't hesitate.... and just sign up!

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BOING! English Comedy Night DÜSSELDORF!

BOING! Comedy Club presents: THE ENGLISH STAND UP COMEDY NIGHT! The best Comedy Club in Düsseldorf is presenting this special show for all lovers of real english and american StandUp-Comedy. For all you expats, foreigners, native tonguers, lovers, haters or even Germans - this is the place to be to get your laughs! 5 International Comedy Guests will present their freshest material: Carmen Chraim (Lebanon), ANdy Valvur (USA/Estonia), IIna Fagerlund (Finland) & more! Host: Manuel Wolff! You get a great 2 hour show in this great location - and after the show you can stay to chat, socialise and drink. You can always find the line up at http://manuelwolff.de/boing/- but no guarantee, changes in line up always possible on short notice. --- "BOING Comedy Club - das Original!" präsentiert: THE ENGLISH STAND UP COMEDY NIGHT! Der beste Comedy Club Düsseldorfs präsentiert dieses Special für alle Liebhaber echter englischer und amerikanischer StandUp-Comedy. Für alle Expats, Fremden, Muttersprachler, Lover, Hater oder sogar Deutsche - hier ist der richtige Ort, um sich seine Lacher abzuholen! Internationale Comedy Gäste, normalerweise ca. 5 Stand Up Comedians, die ihr frischestes Material zeigen. Ihr bekommt eine 2-stündige Show in dieser tollen Location und nach der Show könnt ihr die ganz Nacht bleiben, chatten, trinken, Party machen. Das Line Up ist immer auf http://manuelwolff.de/boing/ - aber keine Garantie, Änderungen immer kurzfristig möglich.

Meet the Newbees Drinks @ Sutton Irish Pub (The one in the old city center)
Needs a date and time

Sutton Irish Pub ( the one in the old city center.... )

* * * * * * * * - What kind of event is this Newbees Meetup? - Twice a month, the Culti Expat Meetup Group organizes a Just Drinks Meetup in NRWF! Once a month this meetup takes place in Düsseldorf and once a month this meetup takes place in Köln of Bonn. This meetup is a great way to meet new people :) - Costs - Pay as you go Keep on reading for all details or maybe even better: just sign up and be there :) * * * * * * * * - Online Hosting & Volenteer Hosting- Culti Arend is the online host. This means he will take care of a place to meet and will take care or the online hosting. There also is a need for one volenteer host for smaller meetups, and more then one for bigger meetups. Volenteer hosting is great fun - and it works simple like this: bring a meetup sign, find the reserved table, and wait for all others to come :) This meetup wont take place without a volenteer host. - Strict online, easy during the meetups - Culti Arend is very strict as far as it regards online comments. All flirty and negative behavoure wil result in a direct bann say for some weeks. Banned people are welcome to come to our New in Town meetups anway. But they are not welcome online for some weeks at least. Years and years of experience have proven that this works very well, because yes indeed: some people have online issues but are the most fun people you can think of face to face - outspoken people tend to be coins with two sides. Does all his work? Yes indeed:). Is it fun? Double Yes Indeed:). Will you meet new friends? Double Triple Yes Indeed :) - What more needs to be said? - Enjoy your Meetup :)

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English Comedy Night Secret Solo Special!

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