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Meet The Giants @ Daytrip to Friesland!

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- Meet The Giants @ Daytrip to Friesland! -

Join Culti Group for a Museum Visit, Dinner and Drinks in Leeuwarden. And let's Meet The Giants while doing so :)

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- The Sword of Big Pier -

The Biggest Frisian of all is already dead, but his 2,15 Meter Sword can still be seen in the Friesland Museum ( The guy himselve was 2,13 meter and pretty strong - he was capable of slizing open armor. Armors were build to survive normal hits with swords, but there was nothing normal about any hit from Big Pier.

He also burned down cities that were under foreign occupation ones in a while. Back than that's what also justifeed wars versus foreign occupations looked like. There also was a personal reason for all this.

After Big Pier his wife was raped and killed by foreign troops, this guy single handely started The First Uprise versus foreign powers in The Netherlands, which at the end of the process made all foreign powers in the Northern part of the nowadays Benelux ( byte the dust.

So, The First Dutch Independence War started in Friesland. Do read the entire story here (, the simularitees with Braveheart ( are striking - with as the essential difference that Big Pier was used to winning it all :)

The tallest people in The Netherlands are coming from Friesland, so we will run into one or two of them also during dinner and drinks and so :)

So let's go and see this sword :)

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- History -

The Frisians made thier country what it is today! They are the ones that started reclaiming land from the sea... By building Terpen ( and so. Frisians in general are not afraid of anything at all, so a bit of wather really doesn't hurt!

Go see all about the history of Friesland with Culti Group on November 3.

- Costs -

A EUR 2,50 organizers fee each. Other than that, pay as you go

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- Program -

12:15 Meet for Coffee in Restaurant Guadalupe

15:15 Arrive in Leeuwarden

18:00 Dinner

( Those who want to be back in the West of The Netherlands around 10 PM are better off leaving after dinner )

20:00 Drinks

22:00 Last Train Back to Amsterdam

( There are trains running from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Utrecht all night )

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