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- Culti Group Grand Central -

Culti Group is a group of 18 meetup groups which are situated in Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Catalonia, Spain and Gibraltar. And this group is the "Grand Central" of all these groups! This makes this meetup group a little bit different then other groups, but no worries please: the fun will be just the same :)

- The Grand Central Function -

The "Grand Central" function of this meetup group is that long term members of other Culti groups are asked to sign up for this group to in order to ask them to take part in polls about what people want from social meetups. Also meetups are set up for long term members only in the cities where Culti Group has a lot members. The purpose of these meetups is to be able to meet people who have a lot of experience with meetup only

- This Groups activitees in Fryslân -

The main thing this group is about in Fryslân, is practising lanugauges together in the shape of conversation in a bar pr so. And this is why: in Fryslân, there is little space to practise foreign languages together. Social life takes place in Dutch in Leeuwarden and in Frisian or Dutch outside Leeuwarden. This is not good for all those who once in a while want to practise languages - so this is what we do in this group :)

People who already know the language which we will practise together are more then welcome to join this group too :)

- International Community of the Fryslân -

If this group also become to a group where internationals in Frysân meet, then this will make it all only even better :)

Does one of our plans of even better both sound like you? Then please don't hesistate and sign up plus be there :)

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