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Last Friday of the Month Drinks @ Düsseldorf ( Bring your Smartphone )

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- What kind of event is this? -

Enjoy your weekend just right! Come over to our Last Friday of the Month Drinks Event, in order to Meet and Greet with the International community! :)

( Everyone Welcome )

- Starbucks??? -

No worries :). Starbucks closes at 9PM. So just come to starbucks before 9PM. At 9 PM the entire group will relocate to one of the many nice Irish bars in this area :)

If you can't make if before 9, than just check the comment line when you go into town, in order to find out where the group can be found

- Smartphone? -

Bring your smartphone! After arival, just check your smarphone in order to read where the others are inside the venue. If there are no comments yet... Than be the first to let the others know where you are :)

If you don't have a smartphone, than just use all your other sences to find the group :)

- Host -

There's no host. Other than the Online Host. There only are a lot of people from this group who want to meet eachother :)

Feel free to leave a comment on this website or to leave your number so others can come to you.

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- Costs -

Pay as you go

- What more needs to be said? -

Enjoy your New in Town Meetup :)

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