Real Estates Power Couple ~ Andrea & Doug Van Soest


Find out what it takes to have it ALL! This successful power couple not only runs their real estate business, but they also run their personal and family lives. It’s a balancing act many of us try to achieve and can’t get enough advice on.

Please join us we are very excited to get the secrets of their success and hear their stories on how they became a POWER COUPLE!

Doug and Andrea Van Soest met at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego 14 years ago, and married soon after. Both were Business majors and entrepreneurial at heart. After graduating they moved to Colorado to start a Kettle Corn business. They sold Kettle Corn at sporting events all over the front range for 2 years and then sold the business which still continues today.

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Real Estate became their next passion. They moved back to California Where Doug became an Appraiser and Andrea a Realtor. In 2008 they purchased their first flip property and were hooked. They have since purchased over 110 properties.

They own and manage a rental portfolio of 30+ properties. Their business focuses on flipping, wholesaling, acquiring and managing rental properties, and providing great returns for their investors.

Aside from Real Estate, their 3 young kids are their greatest joy in life. For Doug and Andrea, the best thing about buying and selling houses is that it affords them the time to be little league coaches, awesome fort makers, and Candyland experts with their 3 favorite people.

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