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Come along to one of our events as we explore the Conversation with God material by Neale Donald Walsch.

This group brings together those who wish to share and explore these teachings in discussion meetings and workshops. People want to find a way to reach out and connect in a meaningful way, to share their views and thoughts about these spiritual teachings and how they relate to their lives. Above all, we find ourselves yearning to experience a deeper connection with others. The Conversations with God books have touched the lives of millions around the world and continue to do so.

We are living in exciting times and without question, times of change. As challenging as change may be, the Conversation with God message gently helps us move through these times with meaning and grace. Enabling us to achieve a richer understanding and perspective of …..who we are and …..who we want to become. Knowing that …..We Are All One and that …..Love is all there is.

If you would like to meet fellow like-minded individuals or are just curious to learn more, then we welcome you to join one of our interactive gatherings.

We look forward in seeing you soon.

Jeannie Billington

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