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Czech Comedy Classics On July 15, at 7 pm, Bistro Bohem will screen THE FIREMEN'S BALL ( Hori­, ma panenko ) as part of the film and beer series featuring Czech comedy classics. The movie brings us into a small town in Bohemia where the local volunteer fire fighters hold an annual ball to commemorate a retired chairman. For this purpose, they organize a raffle and a beauty contest. Things do not turn out the way they were originally planned which not only creates an opportunity for comedy and humor but also reveals some deeper and more fundamental observations about the community and perhaps the entire society. Forman explained that the Firemen's Ball actually sprang from an actual experience of his when Forman together with co-writers Ivan Passer and Jaroslav Papousek had ventured to a small Bohemian town in order to write. There, they attended a firemen's ball which, in Forman's own words, was "such a nightmare that we couldn't stop talking about it." Admission is free.

Bistro Bohem
600 Florida Ave., Washington, DC
About the Director
“I believe that we decipher the incoherent flow of life through stories. The stories may not add up to much, they may end abruptly or proceed according to mysterious logic, but my kind of film has to have them.” ~ Milos Forman

Milos Forman's life is filled with stories - triumphs and tribulations. Throughout some of his most difficult times, he persevered to accomplish his dream of making movies, becoming an award-winning Czech legend, and a renowned and respected Hollywood director. On his road to success, he met struggle, failure, box office disaster, but also a host of friends and an incredible drive within him that helped support him, his vision, and his success.
About the Series
This marks the third year of the film and beer series at Bistro Bohem. The focus of the films for this year is Czech humor which is a very specific part of Czech culture. On the third Tuesday of every month from January - December 2014 (unless otherwise specified), Bistro Bohem will feature Czech comedies. All films will screen in Czech with English subtitles. Each screening includes one free beer as well as an introduction from a representative from the Embassy of the Czech Republic. All screenings are subject to change.

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