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PowerOn BI | The Art of the Possible: Power BI with Planning & Write-back

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PowerOn BI | The Art of the Possible: Power BI with Planning & Write-back



Hi everyone, this event is going to be streamed online on If you want to raise questions and comment during the session please register on Twitch!


Czech PASS would like to invite you to another Power BI event.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:
-How PowerOn’s Add-On Solution brings together BI & CPM on a single platform
-About the wide variety of applications & benefits for this added functionality
-How Fortune 500 Companies across the globe are using PowerOn to achieve a more efficient, modern, integrated business planning process

Speaker’s Bio:
Evan Friel has 5 years of experience working in consultative positions at companies like Oracle with just about every type of enterprise software application; ERP, EPM, HCM, BI, etc. Throughout his experience, Evan noticed a common problem – companies purchase new applications to achieve greater efficiency and insight into their business, but each application brings with it added complexity in the form of long implementation projects, new formulaic languages & assumptions, upgrade schedules, new support teams/systems, and lengthy training in order to fully utilize the tool. Evan joined PowerOn to help organizations achieve greater efficiency and decision support throughout their processes by enabling the full potential of Microsoft’s BI Platform through our trusted Power BI add-on solutions.

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