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Internatinally Renowned Trauma Expert, Founder and CEO of COLLIDE International Institute of Mental Health and Healing, Jennifer Heintz, uses these meetup up groups to trial new webinars and therapies for our 5 clinic locations. Be sure to take advantage of them and also the free or low pricing that is only available via meetup. Also, visit our website at www.anxietyshrink.com.

Whether you are Male, Female, Young, Old, Immigrant, Native, New in Town, Visiting, Grieving, Fighting an Illness, Gender Neutral, LGBQ, or Just Want to Make Friends with others who are Serious about Mental Health and being Healthy, you have come to the Right Place. Everyone Welcome!!


* This group is for "EVERYONE" and "All Ages", Devoted to Mental Health and Healing.

**led by "Jennifer Heintz, Internationally renowned Anxiety, Trauma and Natural Healing Expert", www.anxietyshrink.com. Outings held at different locations within the Greater Vancouver Area and online.


** These groups are composed of clients and families from our practice as well as one other public group. The number of attendees, for any event, does not suggest the "actual" number of attendees to any given outing or event. (this means that even if it looks as though you are the only one attending, we have 3 other groups also funneling into the same outings or events and you may be surprised to see how many are actually attending any given event or outing. ***


This Group is in Support of the Much Documented, "Mental Health and Healing Benefit of Nature", from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Social Anxiety, Grief, Dysphoria, Isolation, Bi-Polar, Aspergers, and many anxiety related challenges as well as illnesses.

The Healing Benefits of Nature These are gently guided tours under the canopy of the forest are combined with activities to open your senses and experience nature as you never before have. Your guide will draw upon mindfulness meditation practices and stop at several points along the walk for deeper nature connection exercises and to learn and teach each other as we discuss what we are experiencing. What is Forest Bathing? - "Shinrin-Yoku"? Forest Bathing is an organic practice which can elicit surprisingly, positive reactions. In Japanese, the word "shinrin" means forest, and the word "yoku" means bath. When used together, "shinrin-yoku" means bathing in the forest or to take in the forest atmosphere with all of your senses. Very, simply put, Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing is the practice of spending mindful time in nature. The practice was first introduced in Japan as an effort to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Research has proven, that spending time in nature, (forest bathing), allows us to inhale beneficial bacteria, which interact with gut bacteria to strengthen the immune system and improve mental and physical health. In my practice, we use it as a way to promote interest in self healing and mental well being and it is particularly beneficial when treating trauma, depression and anxiety.

Experience first hand, how the forest and woodland can assist your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health.

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