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Let's face it: you're a dad, with kids, and you're on your own. It sucks, it's rough, and most of time you have no idea what you're doing; but you're a total badass - #dadlife through and through. Thing is, you might as well tell people you're an alien for all they understand what it's like. Sure, they know people with kids, or a mom or two with a baby, but dads? That's not suppose to happen. Right?

If your life is anything like mine, you often find yourself sitting on the park bench, watching your kids play on the slide...and you get those looks. Or you stomp through the young girl's section at Target, startling all the mom's in the vicinity. Or you deign to go to a school kids party, only to find that you're the only dude there. Ouch.

Then there's work, figuring out what we're gonna eat tonight, and who's gonna watch the kids tomorrow? And oh wait, now I'm suppose to be happy, go out, pretend to be normal, and get my game on?

Well excuse me, while I go scream at my computer monitor and punch the wall a few more times.

So here I am, like you, looking for people like me. Come join me, and let's chill out and share our experiences.

I got your back, bro.


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