What's a smart city in reality


A smart city is not just about tech, it could be sensible design and being 'smart' about how the public realm is used. Our speakers explore what a smart means to them through example projects and how this can have real measurable societal benefits.

80 Maximum.

Knowledge sharing around the design and property technology, not selling nor pitching.

6:00: Drinks & networking.
6:15: 30-second intro of each attendee.

6:30: 3x companies at 15 minutes each sharing a PropTech
experience/story + 5 mins for Q&A.
Eddy Bennett (Digital Director) of Propertystream.co
Sophie Campbell (Wayfinding Director) of placemarque.com
Adam Vickers (Landscape Director) of squareyard.info

7:30: Food & networking.
8:00: Close.