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'Daily Live Meditation Events' is a collaboration organized by Online Meditation Events (OME), Main Line Meditation and it's affiliated sister centers all around North America.

We are offering a beginner's series of free virtual guided meditation classes as an introduction to our full practice of Finding True Self; Self-Reflection & Letting Go. We will be hosting classes via Zoom in which one can learn the basic principles behind the method, practice self-reflection, and work to empty/throw away the mind of stress, pain, or worries.. all guided live.

This method allows for deep emotional and psychological changes that enhance feelings of well-being, safety, acceptance, connection with others, harmony, and self-awareness.

Anyone is welcome to join, whether a beginner or long time practitioner, let's take a look within and find the world beyond what we carry within our mind.

Let's meditate together!!

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Live Home Workout

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Wondering how to get in shape at home? Introducing live, no-equipment home workouts every week with easy, effortless exercises for beginners, experts, all ages, and body types.

Imagine this–your workout begins with a unique releasing exercise routine of stretches and exercises designed to stimulate your organs and encourage the flow of chi in your body. This will cancel out muscle tension, defeat joint pain, and strengthen circulation. Next, cut loose with the Best Health Dance, a simple group dance with easy-to-follow steps for an instant boost of positive energy.

Then, develop your stamina and circulation with dance fitness on Wednesdays and build lean-toned muscles with calisthenics on Sundays.

To bring it all home, your workout ends with a brief guided meditation to cool down your body and mind. You can look forward to leaving each class feeling even more invigorated, relaxed, and stronger, without the muscle soreness. Welcome to Live Home Workout, your way to get in shape at home!

**For any difficulties joining the Online event, please text or call [masked] for technical support.

Inspirational Meditation

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Awaken and uplift your mind with readings for your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment in life. Our Inspirational Meditation session starts with a discussion on words of wisdom from great poets, philosophers, writers, scriptures, sages, saints, scientists, and even song writers.

Bring your morning tea or coffee and share your favorite writings, experiences, questions, or enlightenments with the group. Or sit back, listen, and enjoy as we find words to connect with the wisdom of the universe and shed light on our day.

After the readings and discussion, we will explain our meditation method and completely relax with a short guided meditation. Lighten your mind and let all that inspiration and wisdom soak in.

Leave the conversation with renewed optimism and a broader perspective, as part our Inspirational Meditation family. It’s a great way to start your day!

**For any difficulties joining the Online event, please text or call [masked] for technical support.

Mental Health Wellness

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This online course for mental health sheds light on the workings of our minds that usually remain hidden from our view, yet often control us. During the weekly classes, Dr. Yu will explore the many conditions that are manifested in our minds, their common roots and show ways to uproot them and gain back our mental wellness, wellbeing, and freedom.

Each week, she will cover a different topic such as anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, PTSD, ADHD, and more. These conditions are different, yet can often be healed in the same way. Based on her extensive research on how meditation can encourage good mental health and help us overcome each of these conditions, Dr. Yu will share these findings along with other scientific discoveries that shed new light on the subjects.

So please join us for a better understanding of yourself and to learn the tools that can help you take your life in a joyful and positive direction.

Nature's Flow Yoga

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We’re here to make maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier! Add our yoga and meditation to your daily routine for renewed energy and a healthy body and mind.

Our practice combines a simple and comfortable vinyasa flow, breath-to-movement exercises, and our progressive form of meditation. Release anxiety and stress while gaining health, happiness, and inner peace!

Come out of the class with an understanding of your true nature. Stress, anxiety, and worry are the result of a false mind. Our true nature is obscured by this false mind that we created. Learn to discard this to find true peace and happiness. Find your best form of self-care and self-love for body, mind, and spirit through this practice.

Please join us for this perfect blend of yoga and meditation for a powerful and heartening session to bring you lasting peace and health.

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Better Sleep Meditation

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