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What we’re about

We created this group for those who do not like to plan in advance what to do daily or for those who endup every day just watching serials at Netflix.

It was also done with the intention of further promoting our Coffice Prague, a new space in Vinohrady that during the day functions as a Coworking Cafe and in the evening it becomes a meeting bar with different events.

Here, we are very informal, direct and happy with life. We prefer people who enjoy informal talks, sometimes deep and sometimes not. The idea is to be yourself, with good energy and not be pretending to be more than others.

At Coffice we always organize different events, 90% are social, although sometimes there are some focused on professional life.

Some of our events in our place:
- Blabla Language Exchage (weekly)
- Music: Live music / Open mic (weekly)
- Standup Comedy
- Concerts
- Photo and art exhibitions
- Rockabilly dance
- Expat Meetups
- Entrepreneurs Meetups & Workshops
- Quizz nights
- Cinema nights
- Vegetarian Meetings
.. and more

All our events are free (except for some professional ones which are not organized by us, rare case)

Who we are:
Most of us here are related to travel industry, art and digital nomadism.
In my case, I am from Argentina, living between Prague and Brazil and related to travel and accommodation industry.
Now in Prague we started Coffice and we want to make our space a hub for locals and expats living in the city.
I speak fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese, and basic Italian and Czech.

How and when to assist? It is up to you:
- During the day you can visit us in Coffice (Blanicka 4, just 100 meters from Namesti Miru). We open at 10 am.
All the members of the group can get a Free Day to Cowork and have a coffee together.

- During the afternoon, you can attend any of our events or, if any (Corona times), you can just come for a drink alone or with friends.

Let's see how this group goes. If you have any doubt, send us a message here or trough any of our social networks.

See you! Martín

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