NLP Talk on Question Understanding: COVID-Q: 1,600+ Questions about COVID-19
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During pandemics, it is difficult to keep people up to date with accurate and up-to-date information. People may have difficulty finding answers to their questions, and some common questions might not have been answered by reputable sources. We created COVID-Q, a new dataset of COVID-19 related questions that can be used directly in developing applied systems or as a domain-specific resource for model evaluation. In this talk, we will discuss COVID-Q, how it was created, and baseline models for two question-understanding tasks on COVID-related questions.



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Jerry Wei is a researcher at ProtagoLabs, a machine learning/chatbot startup in Fairfax County, Virginia. His most recent research focuses on NLP for analyzing COVID-specific texts, and he has extensive experience in deep learning for medical image analysis, for which he gave a spotlight talk at the Machine Learning for Health Workshop at NeurIPS last year. In the past, he has collaborated closely with researchers at Dartmouth College.

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