Building LinkedIn for Things - AI and ML on the Edge


[masked]: Networking & Food[masked]: Main Talk - Simon Crosby, CTO, Swim.AI

Building LinkedIn of Things

We have a special guest from California-based Dr. Simon Crosby will talk about his vision on building a DataFabric for the distributed enterprise by converting streaming data from the edge to insights using ML.

About the speaker:
Dr. Simon Crosby is the CTO at SWIM.AI, an edge-based software firm that executes real-time analytics and machine learning for IoT. Crosby brings an established record of technology industry success. Prior to SWIM.AI, he was co-founder and CTO of Bromium, a security technology company. At Bromium, Crosby built a highly secure virtualized system to protect applications. Earlier on he was the co-founder and CTO of XenSource, before its acquisition by Citrix, and later served as the CTO of the Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix. Previous to Citrix, Crosby was a principal engineer at Intel and also the founder of CPlane, a network-optimization software vendor.

Dr. Crosby has been a tenured faculty member at the University
of Cambridge.