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Getting Big ROI From Networking

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Getting Big ROI From Networking


Networking Nuggets - Getting Massive ROI from Networking!

From the Network Today Podcast – Speakers Sheryl Powers and Rob Bliss
“From meeting people to making money!”

  1. How to make a 10x ROI in your networking
  2. Why you should “keep score”
  3. How a podcast can help you grow your business
  4. Reciprocity in networking – be a Go-Giver
  5. Hold yourself accountable – do it!
  6. Build your community – ADD value
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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
11:30am -1:15pm
Coffee House Café, Dallas
PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS RSVPS - we have started tracking no shows - repetitive no shows will be removed from the group

Sheryl Powers:
30 years in radio in DFW gave her a jump start on Networking! Working with 1000s of businesses, helping them craft messages, market services, host events – she was constantly immersed in people.
When she and her husband started a business in 2013, those relationships invaluable!
Sustainability came through continuously finding new ways to connect into fresh communities creating friendships that gave us much-needed fuel during difficult times like these last few years.
Learn More About Sheryl:

Rob Bliss:
"Networking has been my number one producer of new sales BY FAR. It has taken me over 30 years, a long journey to learn how to become an elite networker, and the struggle has been long and difficult. It is our goal to shorten that journey and help you learn faster."
Rob and Sheryl help other people improve their networking skills so they can develop a successful career or company. And that’s how Network Today was born!
I have sold over 50 million dollars in equipment sales but my most prized accomplishments are the relationships I have made over the years, and the prospects and networkers who have become friends. Networking is my passion.
Learn More About Rob:

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Dallas Business Lunch & Learn
Dallas Business Lunch & Learn
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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
4:27 PM
6150 Frankford Rd · Dallas, TX
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