Double Pitch 2! (Romance)

This is a past event

Crossroads Theatre

2425 West Parker Road · Carrollton, tx

How to find us

Look for the DFC sign at the door

Location image of event venue


Register to pitch HERE:

RSVP on eventbrite too!

=Pitching Process=

***First Pitch

Screenwriters will have 2 minutes to pitch one 5-7 page Romance script.
After the pitches are over, we will share a private link to all the scripts pitched.
The audience will be given 15 mins to read as many scripts as they can.
The better the pitch, the more likely your script is the one being read!
The audience will vote at the event.
All teams will create a film out of the winning script
the challenge is for them to make the best version out of the other teams
Teams can sign up on this form early or can be made at the event via networking.
A networking mixer will be held at a local bar afterwards to network some more.

***Second Pitch

Screenwriters are also allowed and ecouraged to pitch another project of their choice. This can be any personal project that the screenwriters needs funding or production help on. This second pitch will not be part of the competition and is only to help the screenwriter promote their work.

Open for everyone to attend, you may just hear a pitch you like!

Winner of the #1 winning script will also win a free copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6! More prizes to be determined!

=Submission Guidlines=

1. Complete a 5-7 page script in the "Hollywood Standard" format
2. Make it a Romance genre, but the goal is to keep the budget modest.
3. Complete the registration form above
4. Submit your script by emailing it to [masked]
5. Do steps 3 & 4 before June 14th at 10:00PM
6. Show up June 15thth, Pitch your script and your second project!
7. Films are due August 17th at 10:00PM to be screened. Screening date TBA that day.

**Depending on turnout, we may screen at the Angelika Film Center