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This month's Embedded entitled Use your Arduino as a USB keyboard or mouse.

There are times when you would like to have your Arduino enter keystrokes like it is a USB keyboard. For example, you might want to make a foot pedal that acts as a shift key or even have the Arduino enter data into a text file on a dedicated computer. You might just want to play a trick on a friend. Three of the varieties of Arduinos(Leonardo, Micro, and Due) have a ATMEL controller with built in USB and a library called Keyboard available to make this task easy to implement. Other Arduinos, like the Uno, can use the LUFA library to accomplish this, but that is another Workshop. For this Workshop, we are going to use any of the 3 Keyboard library supported Arduinos and practice this technique. So bring a Leonardo, Micro, or a Due and the few other listed parts

You will need to bring:

1. an Arduino Leonardo, Micro, or Due

2. laptop for programming the Arduino

3. breadboard

4. small switch

5. 5k to 20K ohm resistor and hookup wires will be needed, but DMS has those for people that don't bring them

6. USB cable to power and program your Arduino

7. As with almost every project, an LED or two with resistor is always nice to have

Goals for this workshop.

1. Discuss options for keyboard spoofing with Arduinos and similar devices.

2. Hook up breadboard and switch and demonstrate sample of Keyboard library

3. Experiment

The Embedded Workshop will be held at the Dallas Makerspace at 1825 Monetary Ln #104, Carrollton, TX 75006. This is near I35 and Valwood. It normally runs until about 9 PM, although instructor Ralph will stay later than that to answer questions and help everyone finish.

p.s., The Uno has an Atmel controller with built in USB. But, it is a separate chip and the Keyboard library does not work with it. The Duemilanove, Diecimila and other earlier Arduinos used a FTDI chip instead of an Atmel with a USB interface. This p.s. is not really important, but added for those who might wonder.

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