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Come up the elevator in the North building to the 7th floor

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This month we're going to have member and Director of Artisans Collaborative Daniel LaBarge talk with us about event stores:


Does this sound familiar? Your boss keeps asking for more business intelligence from your consumer's information but at every turn you're unable to fill in the data gaps. Perhaps you've heard of DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing as possible solutions. Your interest is peaked but it seems like your favorite framework is just not setup to give you the needed tooling. Furthermore the new names and concepts are confusing and you're having a hard time keeping it all straight. It's like you're coding against the flow.

Don't worry, you're in good company. At this meetup, I'll take you on a step-by-step build up of an event store. We'll write the code needed to get started with event sourcing your data models using automobiles as a non-trivial example case for our exploration of aggregates. We'll manufacturer ourselves a truck and register it with the DMV, storing all the changes as events along the way. Then we'll read back the stream of events to recreate any moment-in-time representation of our truck. We can rollback to before it got into an accident and stream forward to after it was re-painted - like it never happened.

Come follow along and you will learn how to:
- Work with Aggregates, Events, Streams, Snapshots, and Projections
- Create an event store table
- Project an event stream for a read model
- Optimize an event stream with snapshots
- Apply CQRS by using Commands and Queries
- Build a JSON endpoint to expose our projections
- Get all the source code to start event sourcing immediately

Let's create an event store and start coding with the flow.


Come out on Tuesday and enjoy time with fellow developers! Food and drinks will be provided by our gracious hosts Axxess!

Who: Daniel LaBarge
When: Tuesday, May 8th @ 7pm
Where: Axxess Offices in Addison