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Paul Jones - Solving the N+1 Problem; or, A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We hope you're having a good case you haven't noticed, this month's meeting is going to be a bit later. We didn't want to conflict with any V-Day plans anyone might have, so we moved the meeting one week out. We'll be meeting on the 21st instead.

This month we're going to have a special guest coming in from out of town - Paul Jones will be presenting his talk "Solving the N+1 Problem; or, A Stitch In Time Saves Nine". Here's the summary:


When dealing with databases, developers frequently run into the N+1 problem, in which they populate domain objects via queries in loops. This causes terrible performance drags. There is a solution in plain PHP that makes the number of queries constant to increase performance overall. The talk shows typical PHP code involving the N+1 problem, then shows how to solve the problem in plain PHP (that is, without a framework or ORM), and includes editorializing about the origins of the N+1 problem in the developer mindset.


We hope you'll join us the evening of the 21st at our usual spot - the SoftLayer Offices on Alpha - to hear this great guest speaker!

When: February 21st, 2012

Where: SoftLayer Offices on Alpha

Who: Paul Jones