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What we’re about

Hi Cashflow Renegade! ( that’s what we call our community, “ cashflow renegades “ those who see how to make money differently while making a difference in the lives of others )

So, Are you a beginning investor and you want to get paid while learning to invest?


Have you started your investment journey and you don’t want to harm your current lifestyle while you go to the next level?

Are you dealing with the need to make money quickly, but don't know how to go about finding the right deals to pay you quickly?

Then We’ve got a great MEETUP for you!

This MEETUP will help you because it shows you how to get paid before you do your first deal AND shows you exactly where to find the cash inside your own situation and level up your lifestyle immediately .

It's called “Cashflow Velocity For Real Estate Renagades"

We host LIVE events to meet local Real Estate Entrepreneurs who are committed to the success of our market!

If you are open minded to unconventional ways of increasing your income through business ownership, real estate investing, and simple cash flow hacks…. then you are in the right place!

Cash-flow Renegades know there is a better different way to make money!

PS - If you're serious, we actually take on proteges and show you exactly how to use the 5 pillars of wealth strategy that has help thousands of our current proteges succeed in ways only a select group have been shown in the past.

welcome to the renegades! we hope to see you soon!