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Steven Crnic is going to give us a seminar on nutrition and running in the common room at Caitlin's apartment. Here's his description of his talk:

"Broadly, my talk will be about simple aspects of performance nutrition for runners, both in terms of racing and training. I'm a certified health coach, and so this talk will also be centered around what that is and how a simpler, more intuitive approach can be a more sustainable and effective means of enhancing one's performance. This isn't wholly a nutrition talk, the backbone of my system is centered around habit change and intuitive learning of your body, so I don't really want to market it too heavily as a "nutrition talk for runners." Rather, it's a talk about how the right approach to health and nutrition can do wonders for your running."

His bio is:

Steven Crnic is a dedicated runner and athlete who has studied nutrition and communications at NYU. He's been running competitively for 10 years and has competed in a variety of distances, from the quarter mile to the half marathon. Steve currently is an employee at the Brooklyn Running Company where he manages the marketing and social media efforts, as well as community outreach. Steve has a passion for people, health and fitness and is excited to share these passions with others through his future as a health coach.