Thursday Morning Earlybird Workout (5:30 am)

This is a past event

11 people went


1k repeat: Starting on east part of 72nd transverse and going west and then south on west drive until right before the baseball field starts on the left.

Short speedwork day: Please your warmup before coming: 20-minute warmup, including jogging/drills/strides, then...

Short distance (5K-15K) specialists with a solid base: 4-6 repeats of 1000m at 10K pace, with just 200m of jogging recovery between them. Finish with 15 minutes of easy jogging to cool down.

Runners who are building a base: 3 repeats of 1000m at 15K pace, with 200m of slow jogging after each. Finish with a 15-minute cooldown.

Not sure of your pace? Use Jack Daniel's VDOT calculatator with a recent race time: