Trail Running Adventure: Highlands, New Jersey

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Hey everyone! There was some interest in doing a trail run this Sunday, so we’re going to do one! This one will bring out to Highlands, New Jersey. Since it’s September and still nice and hot and humid, why not head to the coast for a hybrid running/beach day?

This is an EASY/MEDIUM rated trail run and should be suitable for most runners. The trail is 2.4 miles, and then enters a second 3.6 mile loop trail, allowing for a variety of distances (with the max being approx. 8.5 miles). After the run we will eat a nice lunch and then head to the Sandy Hook beaches! Full details below:

1. Meet at the corner of 58th and 8th Avenue. We will pick up everyone there and drive out to the trailhead (approximately 1 hour). If you drive others, we will cover your gas and tolls. Otherwise, please Venmo me (@Eric-Passmore) a $25 deposit for your spot in the car. I always aim to keep the cost around $25 total for transportation and will do my best to make sure we don’t exceed that limit, to a reasonable degree.

2. We will arrive at the trailhead around 9am. From there, we will break into pace groups and go for our run! The initial trail is and you can see the loop by clicking the trail next to it.

3. After the run we will keep with our beach theme and head over to Navesink Fishery for lunch. If you don’t eat fish, don’t worry… they have chicken! And if you don’t eat any meat at all, let me know and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

4. Finally, weather permitting, we will head out to the beach! It’s supposed to be scattered rain in the morning right now, but overall it looks like a decent day, hitting 70 degrees, and there are several beach activities around the area that we can use for backups if the weather turns on us (lighthouses, tons of museums and historical sites, and more).

5. Expect to arrive back in New York around 5pm.

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