Trail Running Series: Ward Pound Ridge (Katonah, NY)

Location image of event venue


***NOTE: We are currently full on spots for this run and have a waitlist. Please let me know if you are interested in going! If the waitlist grows to 5 people, we will book a 3rd car for this trip. Alternatively, you can take a train from Grand Central to the Katonah Station and we will pick you up there at 9:45am. Thank you for the interest everyone! :)

Hey everyone! This year we’ll be kicking off the trail running series with a moderate trail run up in Katonah, NY at Ward Pound Ridge (approx. 1 hour 10 minutes out of the city). As with all the runs in this series, we will have lunch at a local restaurant afterwards, followed by a fun activity (this time, a historic family farm)! Even if you’re not up for a run, the trails are very nice for a hike and getting outside.

All paces are welcome and we try our best to make sure everyone has someone to run with. The full itinerary is below:

1. Meet at the corner of 58th and 8th Avenue at 8:30AM. We will pick up everyone there and drive out to the trailhead. If you have a car and drive others, we will cover your gas and tolls. Otherwise, please Venmo me (@Eric-Passmore) a $25 deposit for your spot in the car. I always aim to keep the cost around $25 total for transportation and will do my best to make sure we don’t exceed that limit, to a reasonable degree. Please be sure to be on time!

2. Once there, we will run the Rock Trail Loop, which has a few lookout points and variety of terrain (mainly forest floor). There will be multiple points along the full path (7 miles) at which runners can rest, drop off, or turn around if so desired. If members of the group want to run longer or shorter, there are many alternative paths that will allow for additional or less distance. For more information, see the trail here:

3. Once we are all done running, we will make our way Muscoot Tavern, a local restaurant that has been around since the 1920s… plus, the owner responds to every single Yelp review (144!), so you know they have to care! This is mainly Italian-American style food at a reasonable price point. You can see the full menu here:

4. After lunch, we will go to Muscoot Farm which has free admission for an art show, access to their animals, a farmers market, and more! We will spend up to a couple hours here before heading back down to New York

5. We can head back once we are done with the farm, with a target arrival time back in NY around 5pm.