Trail Running Series: Minnewaska State Park Preserve (New Palz, NY)


Hey everyone, time for trail run #3! This one will take us out near New Paltz, NY (approx. 1 hour 40 minutes out of the city) to run in Minnewaska. As with all the runs in this series, we will have lunch at a local restaurant afterwards followed by a fun activity! I have talked to several people who are also interested in just hiking, so that option is also available (and the park has some great hiking options). The full itinerary is below:

1. Meet at the corner of 58th and 8th Avenue at 7:30AM. This one is a little bit earlier than usual because there is slightly more driving and the park can fill up on nice days. If you have a car and drive others, we will cover your gas and tolls. Otherwise, please Venmo me (@Eric-Passmore) a $25 deposit for your spot in the car. I always aim to keep the cost around $25 total for transportation and will do my best to make sure we don’t exceed that limit, to a reasonable degree . Please be sure to be on time!

2. Once we arrive at Minnewaska, I will go through trail basics (how trails are marked, map overview of the park, and safety!) We can then split into groups. There are 2 options for people to take: an easier option and a more difficult option. The “easy” option can be modified for pace and distance to make it comfortable for individual runners. This option will stick mainly to carriage trails. While these are more developed than a normal trail, the route provides several breathtaking viewpoints – so you won’t miss out on the views by taking this option! If you finish up early, there are some nice relaxation points around the lake where you can hang out while everyone else finishes their runs.

The more difficult option will go off the carriage trails after a mile or so to run Gertrude’s Nose – some of these paths are simply not runnable, but the majority of it is a difficult run (you WILL be tired!) and provides some of the best views in the park.

2a. Hiking is also possible in the park! Even if you don't want to run today, there are plenty of trails and loops that you can complete in the appox. 3-3.5 hours we will be out on the trails.

3. We should wrap up around 12:30-1:00. We won’t head back into town (traffic can be awful) and instead we will head south to grab lunch at Buttermilk Falls Inn – this farm-based restaurant sources all of its food from the area and, while it has a more limited menu than I normally would plan, should still have options for every dietary restriction.

4. After lunch, we will head down to Nostrano Vineyards for a nice flight of wines in the tasting room overlooking the Hudson Valley.

5. We willl aim to arrive back in NYC by around 5-6pm.