Trail Running Series: Ward Pound Ridge Pt. 2 (Katonah, NY)

Hosted by Dashing Whippets Running Team

Public group


Time to revisit Katonah! The fourth run this year will bring us back to the moderate trail run up in Katonah, NY at Ward Pound Ridge (approx. 1 hour 10 minutes out of the city). As with all the runs in this series, we will have lunch at a local restaurant afterwards, followed by a fun activity (this time, the Rockefeller Estate)! Even if you’re not up for a run, the trails are very nice for a hike and getting outside. All pace groups and levels of experience are welcome. The full itinerary is below:

1. Meet at the corner of 58th and 8th Avenue at 8:30AM. We will pick up everyone there and drive out to the trailhead. If you have a car and drive others, we will cover your gas and tolls. Otherwise, please Venmo me (@Eric-Passmore) a $25 deposit for your spot in the car. I always aim to keep the cost around $25 total for transportation and will do my best to make sure we don’t exceed that limit, to a reasonable degree. Please be sure to be on time!

2. Once there, we will run the Rock Trail Loop, which has a few lookout points and variety of terrain. There will be multiple points along the full path (7 miles) at which runners can rest, drop off, or turn around if so desired. If members of the group want to run longer or shorter, there are many alternative paths that will allow for additional or less distance. The goal will be to be in the reservation for 3 hours. For more information, see the trail here:

3. Once we are all done running, we will make our way to Aesop’s Fable Restaurant in Chappaqua, NY. This is a locally-sourced restaurant with a variety of food and drinks at a reasonable price point. You can see the full menu here:

4. For those who are interested in the afternoon activity, we will be going to Kyuit, the Rockefeller Estate to take a tour. This 2-hour tour around the estate will feature history, art, architecture, and more. The tours are $28. As we finalize who is coming, we will know how many cars we have/how many people are interested in the estate tour and have people go to either the estate or NYC appropriately.

5. We can head back once we are done with the estate, with a target arrival time back in NY around 5-6pm.