How to Add Value to Your Data Analytics Investments with API Economy

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Join Caserta Founding President Joe Caserta and Data Architect Chris Mathias for an insightful live webinar.

API Economy benefits not only business stakeholders who want to extract more value from their analytics investments, but also IT leadership who seek to find an easier and more effective way to create that value.
The modern successful company has many different technology workstreams in play, such as data creation from users, both backoffice and customers, marketing campaigns, applications, and more.

Data management,
Attempting to wrangle that data into some form of usability
Enough elbow grease to keep the system from falling apart.
Data analysis to make sense of it all and provide valuable business insights.
The tools we have to curate and manage all this data have grown up a lot in the last decade. Somehow the processes have not kept up, and while reports may come faster, the ability to integrate them with our business tools and applications continue to be burdensome. This webinar will discuss mitigation strategies for lack of integration often present.

In this 50-minute live webinar you will learn:

How and when to apply devops best practices to your data strategy
How to create a valuable and business-centric feedback loop in your IT organization
How to apply contract-first principles to your data strategy
What curated API’s can do for your internal and external customers